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5 Tips for Reducing Your Garage Door Repair Costs

Regular Maintenance and Inspections By Dodson Garage Door Can Save Homeowners


In Xenia OH, homeowners want to be sure they’re taking steps to reduce garage door repair needs and costs. Regular garage door maintenance with a trusted partner can help make sure your garage door is working properly and is safe. And if you do need garage door repair Xenia OH residents can count on Dodson Garage Door for the experience and expertise to get your door working again quickly.

Here are 5 tips for reducing your garage door repair costs in Xenia OH.

  1. Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself

Garage doors and the mechanisms are heavy and dangerous, with lots of moving parts. If you do not know how to disengage mechanisms and inspect parts, you can be seriously injured. And repairs that are not done by a trained garage door professional can have serious consequences if not completed and inspected properly.

Hire the garage door repair Xenia OH looks to for trusted and reliable service: Dodson Garage Door.

  1. Keep Away From the Springs

The overhead torsion springs deserve special mention. These springs are tightly wound, creating the tension that allows for the door to work properly. Tinkering with these springs by trying to adjust or release the tension should always be done by a professional garage door technician.

  1. Don’t Delay

There are lots of indications that it’s time to call a garage door professional. Sound is one important consideration. If your garage door is making lots of noise when opening or closing or if it sounds like there is grinding, stop using the door immediately and call a professional. Also watch for the way your garage door is closing. If it seems to be taking too long or is closing too quickly, also stop using the door.

  1. Invest in Maintenance

Having a trusted garage door company by your side is important. You should invest in regular garage door maintenance, preferably twice a year, to be sure that all components are working properly.

A garage door inspection will tighten up all the hardware, including roller brackets. Rollers themselves, whether steel or nylon, should be inspected regularly and replaced every seven years or so.

Our preventative maintenance services also include lubrication of appropriate parts, cable inspection, and cleaning of the tracks. Your inspection should also include a review of the auto-reverse feature, a critical safety function.

  1. Find a Good Partner

Look for a Xenia, OH, garage door contractor who knows about different styles and systems and is skilled at repair, maintenance, and installation. Be sure to find a company that has a solid reputation in online reviews and has crews that are trained and insured.

At Dodson Garage Doors, we offer more than 25 years of experience installing, inspecting, and repairing garage doors. We offer free estimates and are happy to answer any questions and explain recommended repairs so you understand the issue and options available.

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