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5 Things to Check If Your Garage Door Won’t Open Xenia OHDecember 6th 2019

Is your garage door not opening? Dodson Garage Door has gathered a list of five things that could be the underlying problem.

  1. Batteries
    Open your garage door remote opener, switch out the old batteries for new ones, and then try opening your garage door again. Sometimes it is possible for the inside of the garage door remote opener to become corroded, or damaged, over time from various things. If this is the case, then even new batteries will not fix the issue and you may need to wipe down the inside of the garage door remote opener. After this step, you will then be able to insert new batteries to open your garage door.
  2. Circuit Breaker 
    Circuit breakers are the main source of power in a home. If your garage door is not opening, you could possibly have an issue with your circuit breaker. Look in your breaker box to see if the one labeled “garage” is turned on or off. In most cases, the power will come back on and you should be able to open your garage door again. However, sometimes the power will remain off, which means there is a greater issue within your garage. Call your local electrician to fix the circuit breaker.
  3. Garage Door Opener
    Your garage door opener might have lost power and this could be what is stopping your garage door from opening. Be sure to check that your garage door opener is plugged into a power source. Sometimes it is possible for the plug to work itself loose if it has been knocked by something else in the garage. Plug it back in to open your garage door.
  4. The Trolley
    The trolley is a part of your garage door opener that can become disconnected from the chain drive. Take a look at your garage door manual to see how you can reattach the trolley. Steps for reconnecting the trolley vary between garage types. Once the trolley is back on the chain drive track, your garage should resume opening and closing as normal.
  5. Torsion Springs
    Check to see if your torsion springs are in tact or if they are broken. Torsion springs give your garage door the ability to open and close correctly. This is exactly what torsion springs do: as the garage door closes, cables on the bottom of the garage door create a momentum which causes the torsion springs to wind up. This creates stored energy so when the garage door opens the torsion springs are able to unwind and the stored energy facilitates the process of lifting the garage door open.

If you are still unable to get your garage door to open, call Dodson Garage Door today! You will have peace of mind knowing that the issue is resolved by one of our garage door specialists in a professional and timely manner.

4 Tips for Buying New Garage Door Beaverton OHNovember 12th 2018

4 Tips for Buying New Garage Door Beaverton OH

Purchasing a new garage is not as second nature as some may assume. The task of scouting out a new door does not occur often for homeowners.This is because your garage door is meant to last long and withstand most conditions. If you find yourself in the market for a new garage door, be it due to the broken garage hinges or you simply want to up the exterior appearance and home value, than you should familiarize yourself with the process. The following are 4 tips that serve as an excellent reference prior to purchasing a new garage door Beaverton OH:

    1. Determine your price: First it is important to determine what your budget is. Prices range drastically, so setting your maximum ahead of time will help narrow down your search. Garage doors vary in material, weight, color, and durability. With all of that variation comes differences in price. If you are interested in maximizing your budget then your options will increase.

    2. Insulated vs. not: Determining whether or not to invest in an insulated garage is dependent on location. This being the location of both your house and where the garage is located with respect to your house. If your garage is attached to your house than you should without a doubt invest in an insulated door. This will save you on energy bills and efficiency in the long run.

    3. What’s included: Prior to purchasing your new garage door, you should be aware of what features are included and which are not. Contrary to popular belief, a garage door opener is not included.This feature is an additional cost, however most garage door services Beaverton OH will help install this.

    4. Safety: Look for garage doors that are “storm ready.” These includes a built-in passive reinforcement system, meaning there is no advance set-up prior to when the storm hits. This is engaged by simply locking the door before the weather kicks in.



For more information and to get your new garage door today – contract Dodson Garage Doors!

Garage Door InstallationOctober 15th 2018

Garage Door Installation Beavercreek OH

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

A garage door can be seen as a sound investment for your home. Garage Wow Now, considers them one of the top three home improvements. This is determined because their costs are recouped through increased home value. If you are interested in selling your home it is also important to recognize that realtors increase the list price by 1 to 4 percent based of recently replaced garage doors. Additionally, it it crucial that you hire a professional to perform your replacement as these garage door opener repairs are extremely dangerous to do yourself. The following are some reasons and circumstances warranting a new garage door installation:

  1. Your garage door hasn’t run properly for a long time: Garage stores are made up of a number of heavy, powerful moving parts. Small issues with the lifting mechanism can create a problem with the movement of the door.

  2. It is severely damaged: Some doors can be repaired, however if there is significant damage to your door the only solution is a complete replacement. This Issue may arise from car to garage door damage or inclement weather like a fallen tree limb.

  3. Break-ins: Unfortunately, since the garage door serves as a method of entry into your home, it may invite burglars. Whether the intruder disengaged the monitor and opened your door by hand or simply discovered your pin code, the best way to ensure this never happens again is by replacing your door entirely.

  4. Energy: If you start to notice a massive increase on your energy bills, your garage door may be to root of the problem. They let in outside air into your home and with significant insulation from the garage, this feature can ultimately start to influence your energy bills.

  5. Your door is old: The curb appeal holds a significant portion of the value. A new coat of paining make improve the external factor initially, in the long run, update garages that are integrated and with all your appliances will hold the highest value. This subsequently increases the property value and will later pay for itself.

For more information regarding new garage door Beavercreek OH contact Dodson Garage Doors!


Garage Door RepairSeptember 13th 2018

Garage Door Repair Beavercreek, OH

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Garage Door Repairman

Going about any type of garage door repair can be tricky, but with the right company, the process will be as stress free as can be! The first step in going about any issues associated with your garage door, is identifying the problem. Be it a garage door opener repair or a more complex mechanical problem, this first step is essential. Once you’ve identified that there indeed is some type of issue, you should ask any potential garage door repairman the following questions so that you can maximize your satisfaction with the service:

  1. Do you offer service plans or warranties? It is important to inquire about the service plan or warranty associated with the repair. The reason being, is it will give you a sense of security and confidence as you move forward past the date the repair is performed. You should always side with a company that guarantees coverage and protection down the road if an issue were to persist.
  2. Are you licensed? Since garage doors can weight upwards of 1,000 pounds, the installation and repair process can be dangerous. It is essential to make sure your garage door repair company is properly licensed and insured so that in the case of an accident, they are covered. This will ultimately protect you from both future injury and liability.

  3. How long will it take? A garage door repair can be an inconvenient process, the opening is an entryway for many homes. Inquiring the length of the repair prior to the start date of the service will help you in the log-run. Most repairman complete the service anywhere from the same day to two days.

  4. Who are your suppliers? It is important to check with the company regarding their suppliers so that you can be assured they are comfortable with performing a repair on your type of garage door.

  5. What payments do you accept? There are often many scams running with false advertisements offering their services. If a company quotes you will an abnormally low prices and request cash as the form of payment, that is a red flag.

Always remember to ask the above questions and your garage door repair will be on it’s way in no time. Contact Dodson Garage Door for more information!

Broken Garage DoorAugust 21st 2018

Learn the Three Advantages of Hiring a Professional for your Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home. It can be both costly and dangerous if they wear down or break. However, it can be even more expensive if you further damage your garage door with a DIY, fix-it-yourself attempt. When it comes to your garage door repair Cedarville OH, there are many advantages of hiring a professional. The team at Dodson Garage Door highlighted the following three benefits of hiring a professional to repair your broken garage door Xenia OH:


  1. Avoid Injuries

Set down that box of tools, and back away from the large, moving object! Safety is the number one reason to hire a professional for your garage door repair Cedarville OH. Garage door repair is not as simple as other repairs around your home. Garage doors are heavy, unwieldy objects composed of many complex parts. A simple mistake could lead to a grave injury, considering the size and weight of garage doors. Avoid injury by hiring an experienced garage door repairman.


  1. Get Faster Repairs

While you might spend days or weeks trying to fix your broken garage door Xenia OH, experienced professionals will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Their familiarity with the object will allow them to diagnose the problem quickly and solve it soon after.


  1. Get The Job Done Right

Trying to fix your garage door on your own may do more harm than good. You may end up paying more later on to correct your mistakes. A professional repairman will leave no stone unturned, ensuring that no problem, no matter how complex, will be overlooked. An experienced professional will understands the mechanisms of a garage door and will make sure the job is done right.

Dodson Garage Door has been a leader when it comes to providing Garage Door sales, service, and installation for over 25 years! If you are in need of garage door repair, call the team at Dodson Garage Door. You will have peace of mind knowing that the job is handled in a professional, timely manner, by the best in the business.

Broken Garage DoorJuly 23rd 2018

3 Tips to Follow When Your Garage Door Breaks

Learn the Top Three Tips from the Experts at Dodson Garage Door


Your garage door is the single largest moving part in your home. Chances are, it will suffer some wear and tear over the years due to daily use, considering the average garage door is used over 1,000 times per year. These small deteriorations in your garage door’s condition could eventually lead to every homeowner’s worst nightmare – a broken garage door. If your garage door does indeed break, don’t panic. Instead follow these three tips from the experts of Dodson Garage Door:


  1. Stop and Listen.

If your garage door is not functioning smoothly, use your senses to observe what may be the “problem areas.” Lack of symmetry, grinding or scraping all may signal a broken garage door. Use your senses to observe such problems, so you can relay them to the professional who will asses and repair your door.

  1. Inspect your hardware.

In addition to observing the overall performance of your door, inspect any visible hardware that may be the source of an issue. This might include roller brackets, weatherstripping, cables or tracks. Take note of any chips, warps or rust, and notify the professional helping you with garage door repair.

  1. Don’t try to DIY.

Trying to fix your garage door on your own may do more harm than good. Garage doors are complex and require the care of an experienced professional, so leave your wrench in its box, and pick up the phone instead. Though most garage door repair is simple and quick, only a professional will adequately assess and treat your garage door.


If you are in need of garage door repair or other garage door services, Dodson Garage Door takes great pride in providing quality and affordable Garage Door sales, services and installation to Beavercreek, Dayton, Xenia and surrounding areas. Call us today!

Garage Door Opener RepairJune 18th 2018

3 Tips For When Your Garage Door Opener Breaks

Call Your Professional Garage Door Repair Partner To Safely Repair Damage


When your garage door won’t open it can be frustrating and disruptive. When you find that your Beavercreek OH garage door is inoperable, do not despair. In many cases, garage door opener repair is simple and fast. However, it’s important to have a professional assess and complete any garage door repair to ensure your system is operating safely.

Here are 3 tips for what to do when your garage door opener breaks.

  1. Contact Your Garage Door Repair Pro

Unless it’s a matter of your remote garage door opener’s batteries needing to be replaced, you should not try to do the repairs yourself. The garage door system is complex and dangerous, and should be assessed by a professional garage door opener repair company.

Your Beavercreek OH garage door repair professional will inspect the system, looking at the most common issues that cause your opener not to work:

  • Photo sensor misalignment. Modern garage door openers have sensors that detect objects and trigger safety mechanisms if anything is in the path of a closing or opening garage door. Often, the photo eyes can go out of alignment or are blocked by debris or dirt.
  • Track misalignment. The overhead track that guides your door up or down can also become misaligned, causing scraping and other damage. The weight of the door on misaligned rails can cause other problems that should be addressed immediately.
  • Broken springs. If a spring breaks, your garage door will not work. These springs are tightly calibrated and can cause significant injury if they are repaired, replaced or installed by someone without the right experience and training.
  • Snapped cables. When your springs break, so too do the cables that support them, usually. The cables generally need to be replaced when the springs go.
  1. Start Regular Inspections

If you’re not having your garage door system inspected twice a year, it’s a good habit to start. When one component of a system goes, it means your entire garage door system could need additional TLC. Regular inspections of the springs, cables, tracks, sensors, and remotes can ensure that minor repairs are fixed before they become major issues.

  1. Sometimes, It’s Just the Remote

Sometimes, it really is a simple case of replacing the batteries. Whether you use a keypad attached to the interior or exterior of your garage, or a remote, batteries will eventually die. If your remote begins to work inconsistently, it’s a sign the batteries are starting to go.

That’s not the only issue possible with your remote. The remote’s receiving sensor might be blocked. The remote and the keypad may also need to be reprogrammed. Sometimes you can inadvertently put the sensors into lock or vacation mode, requiring a reset.

While it’s unlikely, it’s possible a neighbor’s remote is operating in the same range and requiring interference.

At Dodson Garage Door, we offer comprehensive garage door inspection, repair, installation, and replacement systems. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Garage Door RepairMay 21st 2018

4 Signs Your Garage Needs Repair

Dodson Garage Door Provides Garage Door Repair Throughout Beavercreek OH


Garage doors can last for decades with minimal upkeep but they still need to be monitored and serviced every once in awhile. When your garage door is giving you signs of needing repair, acting fast can help reduce safety risks as well as reduce costs for garage door repairs. Head off garage door issues before they get too bad. Following are 4 signs to look for in your Beavercreek OH Garage Door to determine if you are in need of garage door repair:


  1. Inconsistent, Delayed or No Response To Door Opener

Your garage door opener is one element that could need repair throughout the lifetime of your garage door. Issues with the garage door opener connecting to the garage door could be anything from a shift in wiring, to failure of the door opener. If your door is not opening as efficiently as it should, call a garage door opener repair in Beaverton OH to get it checked out before it becomes a safety concern.


  1. Track Misalignment

Most modern garage doors move smoothly on their tracks, however older garage doors could develop worn-out tracks and could end up in misalignment or could have rough door motion. Misalignment could be visible immediately or could build up over time. The door could jump the tracks or become dirty, warped or obstructed. Excess vibration in the garage door could cause more serious problems.


  1. Sudden or Excess Door Noise

While your garage door will always make some kind of noise, the noise it makes should fade into the background and not be jarring. If you notice a new loud or persistent noise, your garage door may be in need of repair.


  1. Heating and Cooling Inefficiency

Garages could have both heating and cooling challenges, but when a garage door is aging out, you may notice rapid swings in the climate of your garage.  If this is the case, you may be in need of garage door repairs at your Beavercreek OH home.


If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, schedule a service appointment with a garage door repair service in Beavercreek OH. Dodson Garage Door is the expert garage door repair company in Beavercreek, Xenia, and Dayton, OH. Contact Dodson Garage Door for garage door repair and garage door opener repair today.

Garage Door Beavercreek OHMay 7th 2018

When It is Worth Repairing Over Replacing a Garage Door

Scope of Damage, Type of Damage Should Determine Course of Corrective Action


Beavercreek OH homeowners facing necessary repairs need to consider whether to replace or make the corrective actions. When considering what to do about your garage door Beavercreek OH residents should rely on a careful assessment by a trusted professional. When you have a broken garage door Beavercreek OH homeowners may be concerned about the costs of a repair. However sometimes replacement costs make sense over garage door repair Beavercreek OH residents incur.

How can you determine whether it’s garage door repair Beavercreek OH or replacement that makes the most sense? Here are a few issues that usually can be repaired:

  • The door isn’t working. A suddenly non-working garage door Beavercreek OH homeowners encounter often can be repaired. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a set of remote batteries that need to be replaced.
  • The door feels heavy. Sometimes, when springs start to wear down, it becomes more difficult to bear the weight of your garage door. Springs also relieve the burden on your lift motor, which would wear out quickly otherwise. Fortunately, springs can be replaced affordably and quickly. Note: Springs are incredibly dangerous and should always be replaced by a professional.
  • The door seems to sag. If you’re garage door is sagging, it probably means it’s imbalanced. Sagging usually indicates that one spring is worn down and needs to be replaced.
  • Panels are damaged. If you have a multipanel door and one of those panels is damaged by impact with a car or other object, or due to weather, you often do not need to replace the entire door. Factory manufactured doors often can be repaired by replacing the single panel.

While these issues are relatively easy to repair, there are others that are more problematic and usually require a new garage door. If you’ve ignored or neglected maintenance on your garage door for many years, it’s more likely it will need to be completely replaced.

In addition, if your garage door is older, you may want to replace it before putting your house on the market. Curb appeal is important when buying a home and buyers who see an older door that is dated will see through a fresh coat of paint. A new door is more likely to have a contemporary design that fits in with modern aesthetics and fits today’s cars.

Other issues that may require a new door are:

  • Your garage does not have modern child safety features, such as sensors that cause the door to stop closing or recognize pressure against the door itself.
  • Your door is drawing too much energy. Today’s doors can sap energy, both in the mechanisms used to operate the door itself, and in the amount of energy wasted by poor seals and insulation.
  • A break-in. If your home has had a break-in, burglars may have been able to bypass your alarm system or manipulate the mechanical devices to gain entry. A new door can give you peace of mind and more security.

When you have a broken garage door Beavercreek OH residents need a professional to assess, repair, or replace the door quickly. Count on Dodson Garage Door for all your Beavercreek OH garage door needs.


Garage DoorMarch 26th 2018

5 Tips for Reducing Your Garage Door Repair Costs

Regular Maintenance and Inspections By Dodson Garage Door Can Save Homeowners


In Xenia OH, homeowners want to be sure they’re taking steps to reduce garage door repair needs and costs. Regular garage door maintenance with a trusted partner can help make sure your garage door is working properly and is safe. And if you do need garage door repair Xenia OH residents can count on Dodson Garage Door for the experience and expertise to get your door working again quickly.

Here are 5 tips for reducing your garage door repair costs in Xenia OH.

  1. Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself

Garage doors and the mechanisms are heavy and dangerous, with lots of moving parts. If you do not know how to disengage mechanisms and inspect parts, you can be seriously injured. And repairs that are not done by a trained garage door professional can have serious consequences if not completed and inspected properly.

Hire the garage door repair Xenia OH looks to for trusted and reliable service: Dodson Garage Door.

  1. Keep Away From the Springs

The overhead torsion springs deserve special mention. These springs are tightly wound, creating the tension that allows for the door to work properly. Tinkering with these springs by trying to adjust or release the tension should always be done by a professional garage door technician.

  1. Don’t Delay

There are lots of indications that it’s time to call a garage door professional. Sound is one important consideration. If your garage door is making lots of noise when opening or closing or if it sounds like there is grinding, stop using the door immediately and call a professional. Also watch for the way your garage door is closing. If it seems to be taking too long or is closing too quickly, also stop using the door.

  1. Invest in Maintenance

Having a trusted garage door company by your side is important. You should invest in regular garage door maintenance, preferably twice a year, to be sure that all components are working properly.

A garage door inspection will tighten up all the hardware, including roller brackets. Rollers themselves, whether steel or nylon, should be inspected regularly and replaced every seven years or so.

Our preventative maintenance services also include lubrication of appropriate parts, cable inspection, and cleaning of the tracks. Your inspection should also include a review of the auto-reverse feature, a critical safety function.

  1. Find a Good Partner

Look for a Xenia, OH, garage door contractor who knows about different styles and systems and is skilled at repair, maintenance, and installation. Be sure to find a company that has a solid reputation in online reviews and has crews that are trained and insured.

At Dodson Garage Doors, we offer more than 25 years of experience installing, inspecting, and repairing garage doors. We offer free estimates and are happy to answer any questions and explain recommended repairs so you understand the issue and options available.

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