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Broken Garage Door

3 Tips to Follow When Your Garage Door Breaks

Learn the Top Three Tips from the Experts at Dodson Garage Door


Your garage door is the single largest moving part in your home. Chances are, it will suffer some wear and tear over the years due to daily use, considering the average garage door is used over 1,000 times per year. These small deteriorations in your garage door’s condition could eventually lead to every homeowner’s worst nightmare – a broken garage door. If your garage door does indeed break, don’t panic. Instead follow these three tips from the experts of Dodson Garage Door:


  1. Stop and Listen.

If your garage door is not functioning smoothly, use your senses to observe what may be the “problem areas.” Lack of symmetry, grinding or scraping all may signal a broken garage door. Use your senses to observe such problems, so you can relay them to the professional who will asses and repair your door.

  1. Inspect your hardware.

In addition to observing the overall performance of your door, inspect any visible hardware that may be the source of an issue. This might include roller brackets, weatherstripping, cables or tracks. Take note of any chips, warps or rust, and notify the professional helping you with garage door repair.

  1. Don’t try to DIY.

Trying to fix your garage door on your own may do more harm than good. Garage doors are complex and require the care of an experienced professional, so leave your wrench in its box, and pick up the phone instead. Though most garage door repair is simple and quick, only a professional will adequately assess and treat your garage door.


If you are in need of garage door repair or other garage door services, Dodson Garage Door takes great pride in providing quality and affordable Garage Door sales, services and installation to Beavercreek, Dayton, Xenia and surrounding areas. Call us today!

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