5 Things to Check If Your Garage Door Won’t Open Xenia OH

Is your garage door not opening? Dodson Garage Door has gathered a list of five things that could be the underlying problem.

  1. Batteries
    Open your garage door remote opener, switch out the old batteries for new ones, and then try opening your garage door again. Sometimes it is possible for the inside of the garage door remote opener to become corroded, or damaged, over time from various things. If this is the case, then even new batteries will not fix the issue and you may need to wipe down the inside of the garage door remote opener. After this step, you will then be able to insert new batteries to open your garage door.
  2. Circuit Breaker 
    Circuit breakers are the main source of power in a home. If your garage door is not opening, you could possibly have an issue with your circuit breaker. Look in your breaker box to see if the one labeled “garage” is turned on or off. In most cases, the power will come back on and you should be able to open your garage door again. However, sometimes the power will remain off, which means there is a greater issue within your garage. Call your local electrician to fix the circuit breaker.
  3. Garage Door Opener
    Your garage door opener might have lost power and this could be what is stopping your garage door from opening. Be sure to check that your garage door opener is plugged into a power source. Sometimes it is possible for the plug to work itself loose if it has been knocked by something else in the garage. Plug it back in to open your garage door.
  4. The Trolley
    The trolley is a part of your garage door opener that can become disconnected from the chain drive. Take a look at your garage door manual to see how you can reattach the trolley. Steps for reconnecting the trolley vary between garage types. Once the trolley is back on the chain drive track, your garage should resume opening and closing as normal.
  5. Torsion Springs
    Check to see if your torsion springs are in tact or if they are broken. Torsion springs give your garage door the ability to open and close correctly. This is exactly what torsion springs do: as the garage door closes, cables on the bottom of the garage door create a momentum which causes the torsion springs to wind up. This creates stored energy so when the garage door opens the torsion springs are able to unwind and the stored energy facilitates the process of lifting the garage door open.

If you are still unable to get your garage door to open, call Dodson Garage Door today! You will have peace of mind knowing that the issue is resolved by one of our garage door specialists in a professional and timely manner.

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