3 Tips For When Your Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

3 Tips For When Your Garage Door Opener Breaks

Call Your Professional Garage Door Repair Partner To Safely Repair Damage


When your garage door won’t open it can be frustrating and disruptive. When you find that your Beavercreek OH garage door is inoperable, do not despair. In many cases, garage door opener repair is simple and fast. However, it’s important to have a professional assess and complete any garage door repair to ensure your system is operating safely.

Here are 3 tips for what to do when your garage door opener breaks.

  1. Contact Your Garage Door Repair Pro

Unless it’s a matter of your remote garage door opener’s batteries needing to be replaced, you should not try to do the repairs yourself. The garage door system is complex and dangerous, and should be assessed by a professional garage door opener repair company.

Your Beavercreek OH garage door repair professional will inspect the system, looking at the most common issues that cause your opener not to work:

  • Photo sensor misalignment. Modern garage door openers have sensors that detect objects and trigger safety mechanisms if anything is in the path of a closing or opening garage door. Often, the photo eyes can go out of alignment or are blocked by debris or dirt.
  • Track misalignment. The overhead track that guides your door up or down can also become misaligned, causing scraping and other damage. The weight of the door on misaligned rails can cause other problems that should be addressed immediately.
  • Broken springs. If a spring breaks, your garage door will not work. These springs are tightly calibrated and can cause significant injury if they are repaired, replaced or installed by someone without the right experience and training.
  • Snapped cables. When your springs break, so too do the cables that support them, usually. The cables generally need to be replaced when the springs go.
  1. Start Regular Inspections

If you’re not having your garage door system inspected twice a year, it’s a good habit to start. When one component of a system goes, it means your entire garage door system could need additional TLC. Regular inspections of the springs, cables, tracks, sensors, and remotes can ensure that minor repairs are fixed before they become major issues.

  1. Sometimes, It’s Just the Remote

Sometimes, it really is a simple case of replacing the batteries. Whether you use a keypad attached to the interior or exterior of your garage, or a remote, batteries will eventually die. If your remote begins to work inconsistently, it’s a sign the batteries are starting to go.

That’s not the only issue possible with your remote. The remote’s receiving sensor might be blocked. The remote and the keypad may also need to be reprogrammed. Sometimes you can inadvertently put the sensors into lock or vacation mode, requiring a reset.

While it’s unlikely, it’s possible a neighbor’s remote is operating in the same range and requiring interference.

At Dodson Garage Door, we offer comprehensive garage door inspection, repair, installation, and replacement systems. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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