Garage Door Beavercreek OH

Garage Door Beavercreek OH

When It is Worth Repairing Over Replacing a Garage Door

Scope of Damage, Type of Damage Should Determine Course of Corrective Action


Beavercreek OH homeowners facing necessary repairs need to consider whether to replace or make the corrective actions. When considering what to do about your garage door Beavercreek OH residents should rely on a careful assessment by a trusted professional. When you have a broken garage door Beavercreek OH homeowners may be concerned about the costs of a repair. However sometimes replacement costs make sense over garage door repair Beavercreek OH residents incur.

How can you determine whether it’s garage door repair Beavercreek OH or replacement that makes the most sense? Here are a few issues that usually can be repaired:

  • The door isn’t working. A suddenly non-working garage door Beavercreek OH homeowners encounter often can be repaired. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a set of remote batteries that need to be replaced.
  • The door feels heavy. Sometimes, when springs start to wear down, it becomes more difficult to bear the weight of your garage door. Springs also relieve the burden on your lift motor, which would wear out quickly otherwise. Fortunately, springs can be replaced affordably and quickly. Note: Springs are incredibly dangerous and should always be replaced by a professional.
  • The door seems to sag. If you’re garage door is sagging, it probably means it’s imbalanced. Sagging usually indicates that one spring is worn down and needs to be replaced.
  • Panels are damaged. If you have a multipanel door and one of those panels is damaged by impact with a car or other object, or due to weather, you often do not need to replace the entire door. Factory manufactured doors often can be repaired by replacing the single panel.

While these issues are relatively easy to repair, there are others that are more problematic and usually require a new garage door. If you’ve ignored or neglected maintenance on your garage door for many years, it’s more likely it will need to be completely replaced.

In addition, if your garage door is older, you may want to replace it before putting your house on the market. Curb appeal is important when buying a home and buyers who see an older door that is dated will see through a fresh coat of paint. A new door is more likely to have a contemporary design that fits in with modern aesthetics and fits today’s cars.

Other issues that may require a new door are:

  • Your garage does not have modern child safety features, such as sensors that cause the door to stop closing or recognize pressure against the door itself.
  • Your door is drawing too much energy. Today’s doors can sap energy, both in the mechanisms used to operate the door itself, and in the amount of energy wasted by poor seals and insulation.
  • A break-in. If your home has had a break-in, burglars may have been able to bypass your alarm system or manipulate the mechanical devices to gain entry. A new door can give you peace of mind and more security.

When you have a broken garage door Beavercreek OH residents need a professional to assess, repair, or replace the door quickly. Count on Dodson Garage Door for all your Beavercreek OH garage door needs.


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